I have no idea what I was thinking. Going back to school.
Well I was thinking that it would make me more appealing when apply for work. I did not think about how hard it was going to be having to work almost full time, while also going to school full time.
I’m constantly tired and have no motivation to do anything. What a great combo for someone who already is dealing with depression.

This semester I have seven exams. Slightly my own fault though, but still. I failed one, my first semester and the two others I couldn’t take because I had just had surgery. And since I don’t wanna fall behind, I’m definitely overreaching trying to take them all now. You wanna know how much I have done so far? Nothing! I just can’t seem to open a single book, and my first one is in five weeks! Seriously considering running away and living deep in the forest where no one can find me.

So please send me all the luck in the world. I’m gonna need it.
Now I’m gonna hide from my responsibilities with a face mask and some YouTube.