Well hello there!

So you found your way to my little place here on the world wide web, maybe by accident, maybe on purpose, but regardless of how you got here, welcome!

What kind of blog is this you might ask? Well I’m not really sure yet… a random one most likely. I can tell you what it’s not though, it’s not a fashion blog, so it that is what you are looking for you are in the wrong place, but thanks for stopping by.

I like many things, well maybe two or three other than my friends, so that’s is what I’ll post about, the two or three things I like, not my friends obviously. I like shopping, mostly beauty related things, but I’m not that picky, I get excited about any kind of shopping really. When I’m not shopping I like to watch movies and lots of TV-shows, so there might be a post or two about that. And with the time I’m not spending shopping or watching TV, I really like to travel, I would love to travel anywhere; that has WI-FI, let’s be real, a girl needs her WI-FI.

That’s a few of the things I like, I’m sure there’s more and you will probably get to read all about it here eventually.

Oh and if the name of the blog didn’t give it away, my name is Maria (that’s me on the picture in the sidebar by the way). What’s yours?